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We are starting to build walls and moats outside of our city-states to protect ourselves. The moats make it hard for enemies to get into a city-state, and the wall makes it even harder for enemies to invade. 
From when we first became Sumer to now, we've solved many problems. I am happy about all of our achievements!
-Priya the Leader
Our irrigation systems are efficient ways to get a good source of water. Sadly, one city-state's irrigation systems are blocking another city-state's. This is forming conflict between our city-states. We have no natural barriers or mountains to keep us safe. I would like to keep us protected, but how do we do that? 
-Priya the Leader
I have finally thought of a solution to our most recent problem! If we combine our small groups into larger groups, and work together more to control the irrigation systems, then we will have a much easier time maintaining them.
Hopefully this will keep things easier. 
-Priya the Leader
I am happy that we have built these irrigation systems. The only thing is, though, that we are having trouble maintaining them! The holes on the wall next to the river are getting clogged with silt.
Do your best to maintain the irrigation systems. I will let you know when I have figured out a solution.
-Priya the Leader

We have an abundant supply of water! Our new irrigation systems have helped us do this. We've built walls along the sides of the rivers, and poked holes in them for when we need water. The holes spray water onto our crops that lay right next to the river's sides. 
I am glad we have solved a problem, again!
-Priya the Leader




In the spring season, the snow from the mountains melts and flows into the river. This raises the water level and creates floods. The floods wash away our crops, leaving us with less food. 
I do not know how to solve this problem, but we will soon find a way.
-Priya the Leader
Finally, we have enough food to eat! Once we moved to the plains, we've all been happy. The plains are nearby the foothills we used to live in. Also, there are rivers here that provide water for us.
I am grateful of moving to these wondrous plains.

Your Leader,
Here in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains there are many good resources. We get a lot of rain for growing crops. We also have many stones for toolmaking. The only problem is that we don't have any more room to grow crops! Our food supply is quickly decreasing, so use your amount of food left wisely.
I will update you on more information soon.
Your leader,