Attacks - The Sumerian Times
The Sumerian Times
Our irrigation systems are efficient ways to get a good source of water. Sadly, one city-state's irrigation systems are blocking another city-state's. This is forming conflict between our city-states. We have no natural barriers or mountains to keep us safe. I would like to keep us protected, but how do we do that? 
-Priya the Leader
11/30/2010 04:31:59

we could create a dam with dry mud and dirt; Then we could could surround the city-state with the mixture.

Priya, the Leader of Sumer
11/30/2010 07:01:10

That's another good idea, Savanna! We can think about making some of those for extra protection, too.

11/30/2010 10:42:26

I think that we should do as you have said about defence and build a large moat and huge wall and along with an army and everything should be just fine.

calder the god of tech decks
12/2/2010 04:27:56

i think you should create pits filled with metal to wake up our civilization so we can prepare for war. and also create a big wall if all traps have been used and we aren't ready.

Toru Goto
12/13/2010 02:16:33

We should use poison darts to kill and as well fire and acid arrows and darts.


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